Sunday, 12 December 2010

Want to Make Alternative School

Triunfo Del Amor - MANY that we can achieve in school without having to rely on academic achievement. That is the motivation that is embedded within Yasminul Firdausy sweet virgin, girls who are now sitting in class XI IPS SMA Plus Motahhari. Until finally he managed to snatch the first winner for Scientific Writing Contest (KTI) and a Documentary Film Bandung.

"My accomplishments in school is not always a champion, but I am more motivated to do activities outside was like following a music club to nature lovers. The reason? Many of which we can from there, even life lessons often enough I found out rather than just academic learning and struggling with the bench, "said the girl is usually called Yasmin which also is Vice Chairman of the OSIS SMA Plus Motahhari.

Furthermore, he talked about his experience to be champions. For the race, admitted, not champion the priority scale, but rather the pleasure of doing it. "I was happy to do so the maximum quality even come alone," he explained.

According to the girl who was born 16 years ago, the activities outside the academic not only expand the friendship, but also to broaden your horizons. Because, in principle, science we can get it anywhere, not just struggling with textbooks. Moreover, explained Yasmin, support parents to be encouraging him to continue to be the best for themselves. "Luckily, the parents I have never demanded I be a champion in school. However, because it also widened the best I could, at least for myself first. To be sure, parents are very supportive and make their principle demands science anywhere, do not be a burden , and beneficial for others. The important thing is we are willing to do it. That's what makes me be like now, "proud.

While the subject position as vice chairman of student council, he invested not to be authoritarian in the lead. "Because, the body without a head has no meaning. In conclusion, I was not me, but that there is us and I am equally good name of the school building. In addition, to become a leader, its capital is only one that is listening and do not just want to be heard . The point I should also try to understand other people, not just ego to do what we want, "he added.

Clearly, there is one dream that he wanted to make happen than just the importance of personal interests and achievements in the future Yasmin confessed want to build an alternative school. Strictly speaking, students can learn anything and are not fixated on the conventional education today.

"Moreover, in Indonesia is still fixated on the standard system of government. In fact, many other things we can learn not only to the extent that," he said.